The eGreek goverment

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The eGreek goverment

Post  salonikiosss on Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:05 am

Dear friends

Here are the people who consist the goverment of eGreece

President: Jaguaros
Vice president: Che Greco
Minister of Defence: Che Greco
Secretaire of Defence: Geokos (NEW)
Minister of economics: Haralambos
Secretaire of economics: Roumeliotis
Secretaire of economics: Jaguaros
Minister of New players and Employment: Jimarr
Secretaire of New players and Employment: ESETAI HMAR
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Taxoparei
Secretaire of Foreign Affairs : harisstavr
Minister of Health: PAULOS MELAS (NEW)
Secretaire of Health : Elfkok93
Minister of Press: Ioannis Metaxas
Minister of Justice: Myronas

This is our goverment.


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